About us

We are active tourism company of the Government of Andalusia, with registration number AT00049/SE, Seville Convention Bureau members and the Sevilla Card.
We started in 2008 as a company dedicated to activities in kayak down the Guadalquivir.

We have a "Pig Race" with the Navigation Pavilion, what is a school program that we are very proud of because every year thousands of schoolchildren are (our target with this program) are doing it.

We follow the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, which is basically the principle of "continuous improvement"
so that when you achieve a goal, you wonder ... How can we improve?

We have material for gymkhanas, bikes, ninety kayak places, we also have a zodiac motorboat with a 15 Hp Suzuki engine, a 9 passenger van and 2 trailers, we also have professional nautical material.

Our team

Below you can see a summary of who we are by clicking on each tab.
Welcome to Sevilla ...


  • Santiago

  • Javier

  • Belen

  • Bob
    Van Lare

  • Pablo

  • Juan F.

  • Javier

  • Felix

Santiago Salvador *CEO

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Javier Ros Pardo * Commercial * Institutional Relations

Javier is KayakSevilla's brain, a person with such overflowing brainpower that it equals computer-like proccessing power, generating strength and dynamism.
We have only come this far because of the unquantifiable contribution Javier Ros, it is a blessing to have him on the team.

Doctor of Science in Education
Degree in French Studies.
Pedagogical advisor, responsible for institutional relations.
Doing explanations about kayaking and the historic center of Seville is what I like the most about this work.

Belen Balbontín *Comercial Manager

Belen is a talent in the world of tourism, for us, as we have met with qualified staff with so much potential and also is willing to work with us, we are extremely pleased. The presence of Belen reaffirms that our project is good.
Belen gives us a shopping experience out of this, she is also a caring and pampers teachers and children to have a more pleasant experience if possible during "The American Adventure".

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Bob Van Lare *Social Media Manager
(Nationality: Dutch)

Bob is the person we were waiting a long time, his skills as social media manager made ​​us greatly improve our network of contacts.

Bob: I am an intern and specialize in marketing, organization and management. Tour Seville is theperfect company for me since I can practice all my theoretical knowledge -furthermore, a kayak tour is one of the best products to sell, so it gives me a lot of statisfaction
I think this company is a benchmark for tourism action throughout Andalusia and Seville, the best way to discover the wonderful city of Seville.

Pablo Barrera *Instructor

Paul, our role model and the guardian of the group, an expert in the world of seamanship , first aid expert, volunteer member of the Spanish Red Cross and aquatic and sportsman with five years of unbeatable experience.

Pablo: I love everything about the sport, I actually love everything related to water sports.

Love is part of a company where every day you learn something, where you have fun every moment with your teammates and which helps you grow as a person

Kayak Sevilla's main values are: ​​constancy, perceverance , poise at all times and especially teamwork , which is a most important part for a business like this go from strength to strength , these values ​​are met grasias to overcoming great spirit we have in this great group as kayak sevilla

At Kayaking Sevilla I enjoy every moment with different types of customers that visit us and try to adapt our activities to all users by making them spend an unforgettable time in a safe and healthy environment.

Pachí *Instructor

Our instructor Pachi is a humorist, specializing in group dynamics and knowing how carry all types of customer. He is fully confident when doing activities with large numbers of people of all ages .

Pachi : My main task is to remove the fear from clients and to carry out the activity out in a fun way .

I feel very confertable within the team, that is why I can be fully confident in my teammates. We are basically a great group of friends and that makes us be united and work comfortably.

I really enjoy the activities we do , I love kayaking and I always wanted to be part of a team dedicated to this. Without any doubt , I'm in the best environment with the best collegues .

In KayakSevilla I am always looking for new ideas and different activities to do. Innovation is one of our advantages .

Being part of this company, learning every day and practice the knowledge gained my reason to move forward with enthusiasm and excitement .

Javi García *Instructor

Our Boy Scout , Javi is a real SUV , cut his teeth in the world of sailing when I practiced with your watercraft on the beaches of Gandia in the trust when things require resilience and experience.

Javier : I love making brieffing because teaching others to sail makes me feel cool.

As a team member of Kayak Sevilla , I love being part of a company that offers adventure tourism in Seville while sport healthy and accessible to all audiences.
Working with Santi is a pleasure, is hard working , attentive , he was very concerned about his company always with new ideas to improve it.
Try to beat your team way , talking and always acting with good manners and a kind and friendly treatment .
Working with him and my colleagues is a luxury that is why I have always really wanted any activity arises and guide customers to the Guadalquivir river.
I enjoy and have a great time doing the route , learning every day a little more work involved in creating and raising a company of this type .

Felix Harstich* Instructor (Nacionalidad: Alemana)

Felix is an allround talent and and big extention to our team. This is due to his his skills and expertice that he gathered in the German Navy. :)

Felix: Because I've always been into sports I don't see my work as work, I see it more as a passion.

Like my colleagues I love working with people who like sports. Working in a company as TourSeville is a pleasure for me.

My colleagues and I are enjoying the opportunity to do a cool sport in the center of city, what is unique in the world. Also we are always looking for new ways to practice and improve our Kayak program .

It is a unique sport and a chance to work. As I love sports, I working with passion, fun and seriousness.


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