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All the year |   Can be tailored to your special needs |  up to 270 people1

Ideal for big groups till 270 persons (3 groups of 90)

Precios comisionables: Activds. desde 9,95€

Varias actividades se realizan junto al Pabellón de la Navegación, en el centro de Sevilla.
En las Salas del Pabellón se pueden celebrar caterings y eventos antes o tras los tours.


  • Gymkana

  • Kayak

  • Bike

  • Tour

  • Pabellón

Gymkana (Teambuilding)

Los juegos más divertidos para crear esa fusión entre compañeros.Si

Play games as a team to have fun and enhance your team-skills in the centre of Seville!

Teams will be encouraged to participate in games that will improve team spirit and motivation. Our games are you unique and unlike anything else.

Stop playing ordinary team-building games with your employees. The key to enhancing team-skills is to let them have a good time and make them forget about their worries for a while so that they can form a group more easily.
Through our exercises they will get to know the feeling of having the same goal, having to work together as a team to achieve the game's objectives.

¿Se han planteado tus empleados que es dirigir y acompañar diariamente a un equipo? 
¿saben que es sentir el peso y el destino de sus compañeros bajo su responsabilidad?
La empatía es un sentimiento muy poderoso y fomentarla es importante.

For this reason we have created a set of different, effective team-building exercises in order to
to build up companionship, a feeling of unity and achieving an objective together.


Price: 11,95€

Incluye: Guias y animadores, 2 hours of games and exercises, equipment necessary, refreshments, insurance, pictures that will later be uploaded to the internet

Kayak tour in the Guadalquivir

Our most exciting option. Guaranteed fun for everyone!1

Discover Sevilla and Kayaking in the Guadalquivir!

The kayak tour in the Guadalquivir is a fun and safe activity that everyone will enjoy while getting to know each other.

The tour right in the middle of the Guadalquivir is the perfect introduction to kayaking.

You will learn kayaking in anti-roll sea kayaks while being able to discover Seville's beauty.

During the two-hour tours both single and double sea kayaks will be used which are fast, yet very easy to control.
Before heading out, there will be a short briefing of 10-15 minutes that will teach you the theoratical basics of kayaking.

You do not want to miss out on that great, unique experience, especially if you are a group of friends who want to have a nice time together!

One of the best activities, conveniently placed in the center of Seville!
You will most certainly enjoy having this unforgettable experience.

Price: 29,95€

Including: 2 hours tour and Briefing, necessary equipment, animation and games and pictures that will later be uploaded to the internet.

Bike Tour por Sevilla

Our most chosen option. Culture and fun at the same time!Si

Discover this wonderful city by bike!

Enjoy a fun and different experience with the bike tour in Seville. Have a great experience with your friends visiting all the interesting spots of this beautiful city!

This tour through the center of Seville will show you the most marvellous places it has to offer.
You will ride safely on the bike paths while passing the most interesting spots!

Our bikes are of high quality, versatile and easy to maneuver, making them ideal for cycling through the city in big groups.
Guids will lead the group. In case the groups are very large, it is possible to split them up in order to have a better experience.
Explore Seville's most beautiful spots while relaxing on your bike. Enjoy yourself by doing a different kind of sightseeing tour with your friends!

This is the best choice for you if you want to have a fun, yet interesting activity.


Includes: 3-hour tour + briefing, guides, bikes + equipment, a drink at the end of the tour, insurance, animation, games and pictures that will later be uploaded to the internet.

Visita teatralizada!

If you are interested in the history of Seville, this is your choice!Si

Explore Seville with historical figures on your side. An activity of a different kind!

Suprise yourself with a cultural tour, accompanied by the most famous historical figures of Seville like Carmen, Don Juan, Magallanes or Christopher Columbus.
Get to know Seville and be entertained by our actors impersonating the most fascinating characters of its ancient history!
Legends about Seville are known all over the word. Learn about its importance during the centuries XV-XVI-XVII in which Seville took part in writing and changing the history of mankind.

This history feels even more alive, because you have a part of it right in front of you!

!A unique visit of Seville as part of ancient history!

Price: 9,95€

Includes: A 2-hour tour depending on the chosen route, guides impersonating historical figures, insurance, games, animation and pictures that will later be uploaded to the internet.

Visit the Pabellón de Navegación

Dive into history and get to know this beatiful place!Si

Get to know the history of navigation in Seville. One of the most interesting stories ever written!

The history of manking would not be the same without navigation. Magallanes, Columbus. All of this originates from here, Seville.

While visting the Pabellón de Navegación you will learn about the odyssey of crossing the atlantic by boat during Spain's golden century. Enjoy Interactive games and informational videos. A one and a half hour adventure in an impressive building.

This visit includes the magnificent view over Seville you may enjoy at the end of the tour from the top of the lookout tower Schindler.
This activity can be easily combined with one of the other activities like the bike tour or gymkana. However, the ideal follow-up for the visit of the Pabellón de Navegación is a kayak tour which will make the exhibition real. You will pass the monuments that were described in the Pabellón de Navegación like the Royal Dockyards or el Torre del Oro.

Price: 4,95€

Includes: A one-hour tour, visit of the permanent exhibition, a guide for the group in English or French, ascent of the Schindler lookout tower.

Do you want to host an event with or without catering?

Book a banquet or an event room with us!2


Cocktail on the outisde of the Pabellón, (Muelle de las Indias)

Price: Contact us.

Includes: Banquet and/or cocktails, a variation of options to choose from.
You can customize your Catering the way you want, for example by having a themed event. Contact us for further information!

Event space for 120 to 1000 persons.

Event space that can offer anything you need. Electrical power,
telecommunications and access to internet via wifi.
A hidden network of cables provides electricity for illumination.

Price:Depends on the customization.

Includes: A private landing stage, parking space and accessibility for the disabled.

Here you may find all the information you need!

Necesitas más información, llamanós, escribenos o descargate nuestras fichas en PDF3

The biggest advantage is that we take care of everything

...the location of the event, the catering and the activities so that you do not have to worry about anything and can simply leave all the work to us.
This even includes special wishes like the desire for a themed event.

You have countless options to choose from. Pick one of our activities or a mixture of different ones. It is completely up to you! Contact us with what comes to your mind.

Our aim is to create an event that makes you enjoy yourself! A photographer will make sure to capture the moment. For free! The most important is to make you remember what a great time you had!

If you want to host your event and have an unforgetable experience, we are the best choice in Sevilla!

This is an activity for everyone, very easy and safe. We host kayak tours with thousands of students from all over Spain every year, yet no one has ever been injured.

Have a fun and unique experience, enjoy playing games on the water, joking around and getting to know the beautiful city on the river.

Have a few drinks with your friends below the famous Triana bridge, or infront of the Calle Betis. Let everyone know that you are here to have a great time.

We know that every event is different as well as the expectations of the whole group. For this reason we adjust every activity to the stamina, strength and preferences of the regarding group, so that you have the most enjoyable experience.
Our aim is for you to have a great experience while the whole city watches!

Our activities begin in the American Gardon, located right in the centre of Seville. Because of that there is no need for you to walk long distances. Once we are done you can return to your hotel or go for a drink right away and continue to have fun as everything is within easy walking distance.

With this activity you can get to know the beauty of Seville by bike!

This activity begins wherever you wish. However, we recommend setting el barrio de Santa Cruz as a starting point as it is located in the middle of Seville. Because of that you do not have to walk long distances to be able to return to your hotel or go for a drink once we are done. You can continue the fun right away!

Sevilla is probably one of the best cities in Spain to go biking as it is very flat. Apart from that there are bike paths nearly everywhere which make cyclin easier and safer.
A guide will take you on a journey to discover a highly interesting city for about three hours including a few stops.
You will see the Guadalquivir, bridges, Triana and many other impressive monuments.
The guide will not only be able to inform you about the ancient history of Seville, but will also play games with you, joke around and make sure you have a great time!

Capture the moment to remember the great time!

In every activity you will be joined by a photographer who takes pictures. Close-ups, aerial shots from the bridges and group shots will help you remember the marvellous time you spend with your friends on the river.
This service is free and simply serves the purpose of you being able to remember this wonderful experience!

IIf desired, we can make a video of the whole event which will display the activity you enjoyed with your friends. The cost of the video depends on the characteristics of the group and the event.

Price: Contact Us!

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