Saborea Sevilla con el Tour de Tapas

The best moment of your trip. mmm! Do you know why tapas are called tapas?2

The best part of your trip.
Do you know why tapas are called tapas? Which legend of their origin you prefer?
We'll talk about this while we taste the tapas.
Three drinks included six tapas are included.

We cross the center of Seville to go to in our opinion best tapas bars, which we like for its traditional dishes. While walking from bar to bar interesting facts about Seville are being told by the guide..
Prior reservation is required. Estimated time: 3h.
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Price: 34,95€

Includes: 3 ½ hours Tour with 6 tapas and 3 drinks, expert guide and lots of smiles.

  • You will get the best tapas and fine wines of Andalusia and Spain.
  • We'll help you choose your tapas and recommend our favorites, this is not a "fixed menu for tourists"
  • Choose any top menu, will be served along with house wine, beer, soft drinks or mineral water.
  • Three bars in three hours!
  • We want you to have the most authentic Andalusian tapas experience as possible.
  • We will explain the difference between tapas and wines, and also be happy to answer your all your questions of Seville
  • Most people find six caps and three drinks enough food and feel full.
  • Good to know: Buying a ticket at the Tapas Tour, you save 2 € in the Kayak Tour
  • Daily by reservation from our point of departure.
  • Location

    Every day at 1 PM and 8 PM

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Also for vegetarians

Great variety of food


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